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Every morning from hours
08:00 to 11:00!!

You cannot fail to let yourself be tempted by our abundant and rich breakfast buffet in the morning which includes: steaming cappuccino and unlimited coffee from an espresso machine during breakfast typical Friulian cold cuts, homemade cakes, eggs, bacon, juices, freshly baked bread hot, fresh brioche, jam, cream, chocolate, pancakes, breakfast that also allows you to skip lunch and go only for dinner, taking advantage of discount vouchers on 12 restaurants/pizzerias that have an agreement with us


You are not staying at our hotel but would like to try our fabulous and rich breakfast buffet from 08:00 to 11:00? You will have unlimited Cappuccinos, Coffee, Latte macchiato and Cocoa! There's a bit of everything: eggs, bacon, frankfurters, homemade cakes, cold cuts, freshly baked bread, pancakes, whaffles, brioche, jam, cream, chocolate, empty and much more!
It costs:
8.00 euros for adults
5.00 euros for children aged 2 to 6 years

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