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The Punta Verde Zoo Park is home to over 1000 animals belonging to 150 different species, coming from all over the world.

Come and admire them in a habitat specially designed for their needs: you can spend a relaxing and instructive day walking along pleasant paths surrounded by greenery and surrounded by lakes.

The visit to the Zoo is  a unique experience, different every time because the Zoo is dynamic and alive, with each visit you can see ever-changing nuances and animal behaviours, you have the opportunity to meet the different professionals of the Park in action during the daily care of the animals to guarantee high well-being standards.

The visit to the Zoo is suitable for everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, the minimum recommended stay time is 2.30 hours, but it goes without saying that the longer the stay, the greater the chance of seeing all the active animals, even those that they prefer night and cool climates.

The Park is open from April to November 1st, with timetables which vary according to the season and with rates regularly and for groups

Each visit can be enriched by unique experiences,  which contribute to safeguarding Nature, since for paid activities the entire contribution is allocated to projects for the conservation of threatened species and environments supported by the Park directly in their places of origin.

For more information visit their official site!

Using the bikes that we offer free of charge to our guests you can get to the park in just a few minutes!

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