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4 years after his last concert in our city, we are pleased to have Utimo in concert in Lignano Sabbiadoro, date 0, from which the fairy tale will continue with his new tour "Stadi 2023". Location Stadio Comunale G. Teghil, on 1 July 2023 at 21.00.
The well-known Italian singer-songwriter, in addition to being selected for the new edition of sanremo 2023, officially came in second place at the Italian song festival in 2019, where he was also virtually awarded by the public for the single "Your details".
"Ultimo", born in 96 in Rome, grew up in the "Conservatory of Santa Cecilia" specializing in the study of the piano and in composition, and already from the adolescent age of 14 he began to compose songs. The Roman singer has so far released 4 albums, with 3 in the top ten in the Italian charts:

  • Disco Pianeti 2017 gold disc 25,000 copies

  • Disc Peter Pan 2018 250,000 copies

  • Disc Fault of fairy tales 2019 250.000 copies 

  • Disc Solo 2021 100,000 copies

On 9 February 2018 he won the Sanremo Festival in the new proposals category with the song "Il ballo delle incertezze" (double platinum with more than 40 million views on youtube). Also in May 2018 the "Peter Pan Tour" kicks off with all the stages sold out. 
Will the new 2023 tour take place among the most important Italian stadiums, with the departure of the date zero right from our seaside resort of Lignano Sabbiadoro on July 1st 2013 and will it end with a grand finale at the Circus Maximus?

Tickets on Ticketone.it starting from Wednesday 14 December from 11:00, and from 19 December at all authorized Ticketone offices

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